Sunday, January 3, 2010

Reflections On A Dollhouse Built & Delivered.....

The project was probably the most intense I have tackled since leaving employment upon my retirement. Closely following, but a completely-different thing is the year I spent as Secretary of my Elks Lodge. The major variation is...this was my project at my home on my time and with a deadline.

Am I happy I did it. You bet. Did I enjoy it all the way through? Probably not. Parts....when the frustrations of time constraint, parts not fitting just so, etc were involved, I was a bit stressed.

How about the reaction of my little grandchild? Not exactly what I expected, but then I had fairly open ideas of how she would react. It seemed from the start that she was mystified by the whole thing. The furniture she was unwrapping as her other Grandpa, her Dad & I carried the dollhouse in from the rear of my Suzuki jeep-type vehicle...occupied her quite nicely. In fact to the point she didn't realize the house was hers for many long seconds. THEN she was up and about the thing from all sides.

It took her only moments before the furniture/house connection solidified and she began moving furniture into the house. Over the next few hours the grandmas both helped re-sort and move the furniture.

I now sit and wonder what will become of the thing. I have high hopes, of course, of it becoming a young girl's cherished thing. That will probably occur as she ages and realizes what it is in terms of the commitment and time. Then the plaque will also probably mean more, and I am hopeful it makes it down the halls of time to great-grands, and a lot further. The whims of time; the lack of knowledge of what the future brings makes this a question.

I'll not be here. Doubtful I'll see her wedding day, let alone the birth of grandkids. But then I may be just maudlin...having my own version of postpartum as the house is gone and my two bedrooms return to normal use.

I'm glad I did it. I may never do another, but then.....I know I would do a better job this time, and I'd certainly know a lot more about the process and some possible variations...including nice furniture kits of really finished furniture....

Hummmmm Who knows!


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