Saturday, December 5, 2009


The roof gable is in place and glued....

I have completed the shingles on the 1st major portion of the roof...Consumption of singles indicates I may be short....2 more bags ordered!

The process of shingling....two piles; the complete shingles for the easy part, and the pieces and shorts which I use for corners, etc.

A chimney is a chimney...except when it is comprised of 16 pieces! I am painting, and about ready to assemble the huge chimney for the two fireplaces which are also ready to be painted and assembled. The steps now are smaller, except for the remaining construction of the porch and all the railings, trim etc.

I began at "A" and am now at "L" enroute to "V", however the last steps, as I have noted, are shorter and faster.

Lots of roof still to shingle, and then the touch-ups....and I am certain some of the furniture will not be done in time, but will be an add-on later!


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