Friday, December 4, 2009

Shingles.....Not A Disease, but Close! this case 1 1/2 by 1 inch shingles...are now one of my priorities as time dwindles down. We depart the morning of December 18th for Texas, and the house must be complete. This shot shows somw shingles installed, and the guide lines drawn on a section of roof for more.
The shingles which remain whole go on quickly with a hot glue gun. The edges, and particularly the corners where roof sections join, provide much more opportunity for cutting (with scissors, thankfully) and filling.

Here is picture from the open rear of the house showing all the roof sections in place...well, except for the large gable, and the tower top for the Kitchen two-story tower.
Duchess is sick today...some form of flu, so I am dedicated to the dollhouse and taking care of her. We will most likely not be going to the Elks Lodge for dinner. I hope she is better tomorrow as we are slated for a Christmas party with The Krewe of Sir Henry of our Gasparilla Krewes. One of the 800 vessels that invade Tampa each year!
For those who don't know Gasparilla, you have never been in Tampa in late January to March when we are annually invaded and subjected to drunkeness, revelry, and rampant parades, bead-throwing, etc. Think Mardi Gras in Tampa...complete with pirate ships and thousands of pirates. The large ship above is the pirates primary ship, the Hose Gaspar....It is actually a barge with masts. The thing is towed by one tug and pushed by another. It is home to hundreds of pirates with miniature cannons which fire frequently. The entire thing is a hoot!


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