Wednesday, December 2, 2009

As The Dog Said......Roof, Roof!

As anyone who has ever done a dollhouse will tell you, the project is like having 8 or 10 projects running simultaneously! Here are a few as i race toward departure for Texas December 18th....1st, the initial fitting of the "Main roof"...this house has three roof sections, plus lots of added peaks and gingerbread trim.
A side shot of the full tower in place...minus the roof singles. The tower top, I believe I mentioned before, will remain removable so little hands can play with furniture in the tower room.
In true fashion, the attic is floored in sections using up the flooring I had. The flooring is now complete on all three floors.
A friend of ours, Miss Lesley, developed an interest in my project and came over to do the cushions, pillows, bedspread, etc. Here are some in-process chair, bench, and couch cushions. I'll post the final product when they are completed.
I currently have the small roof painted and in place, but not glued (pics to follow), and am painting the middle roof. Next we move on to dormers, etc and begin the tedious process of shingling.....each measures 1.5 by 1 inches and they have to be cut to fit and then hot glued in place using pencil lines drawn earlier to keep them straight.

Still to come....chimney, porch roof, doors, all trim for porch, roof, etc.

Busy, busy!


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