Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Moving Faster....Tower, Kitchen Bay, Tower Shingles

Now progress is easily seen. The crawling of window frame preparation, and the time-consuming items such as the week i spent on the 1st to 2nd floor 3-section stairway are behind me. Still lots and lots to do, but now things are moving and I feel more confident of finishing. Here is the inside look at the 3rd floor (attic) tower room. The room now has a tower top which will stay removable for access by "Princess" to whatever furniture she places there. The floors are in in the tower part of the 3rd floor.
This is a view of the 2nd floor master bedroom tower area to show the view from inside.
Here is the tower top with the 1st side shingled. The shingles I am leaving natural and will provide to Princess Mom & Pop a number of spares for when accidents occur!
The opposite end of the house and the 2nd tower which is actually a bay for the 1st floor kitchen and 2nd floor kids bedroom. The tower stops at the 2nd floor instead of topping the house as does the main tower.
Other completions today (in spite of the addition of a pesky cold....my 2nd in a month): Flooring complete on 1st and 2nd floors including the kitchen bay and the bedroom bay. Tomorrow I tackle the dining room doors and its extended entry onto the porch. This will be followed by beginning the roof install which is 5 steps in the construction. It is a complicated roof with lots of gables, etc.

Saturday will be a busy day as Duchess and a friend of ours will be addressing both some paint touch-up on the house and making cushions for the chairs of the dining room and library plus the living room couch, and a bedspread for the master bedroom.

I also did the grandfather clock today....well, I finished it. Printed the clock face with roman numerals, plus the pendulum and chains for the lower window. Looks good to me.

Hope you all have a quite nice Thanksgiving! We are cooking here for one daughter and her fiancee plus grandson, my brother and the parents of daughter's fiancee. Cajun turkey!

More later folks!


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