Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Tower Time!

Next step.....3rd floor attic is in, and now the tower which is three stories with a quite large room in the attic. The tower is 7 parts forming an octogon. For those just confused, the 8th part is the access to the tower room.
The windows were pre-installed and painted (by me of course). As one can see there will be a lot of patch and fix to do when construction is complete.
I keep having flashes of what furniture should go where, but that decision will be made by Lauren, the owner, upon delivery Christmas morning! (Yes, there will be pics of the 1st view, the unwrapping of furniture, etc...actually I plan a book of pics and a disk of the complete picture set to her parents for future presentation to her.)

For those who might feel I am nearing completion.....The HUGE set of instructions has sections A thru V. The tower is F. Got the picture? Of course, the steps are not all as large and complicated as these at 1st. (I HOPE!)

It goes on!


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