Saturday, November 14, 2009

2nd Floor/Stairway installed & More Flooring

Installing the 2nd floor in my dollhouse...which involves also matching and installing the massive stairway simultaneously...proved to be job any 8-armed wizard could handle easily. For we mortals, it proved a challenge. The job is done, though I have not yet applied the glue gun as I am making final adjustments. Here is the look, post install, with some flooring ready for the living room/front hall area.
A closer look at the flooring being readied, plus the stairway in place. Now the actual size of this thing seems even more massive than I had anticipated. It is a good thing I measured the rear door on "Sideroad Suzie", our tow vehicle in which Princess Castle will ride from Tampa to Texas for Christmas. The thing would absolutely NOT fit in through the door of our motor home, "Road House"....
Fitting the "wood" (actually vinyl) flooring for the living room. The stuff can be cut with scissors and comes with some really, really heavy-duty glue on the back. When I pulled off the paper covering, the boards separated, and I ended up installing most of the floor board-by-board!
Here is the finished flooring. The large area was easy...the front hall more of a challenge.
Here is the front hall. As you can see from the picture there is a passageway beside the stairway from the dining room to the front hall. Laying that tile was also a bit of a challenge.
Now in the weekend, I am down to about a month to complete the project, and lots to do. Work will be on-going daily!


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