Saturday, November 7, 2009

9. Major Move Ahead....Walls Ready to Go UP!

Busy-Busy! Completed walls and windows this morning...took a long time and many days to get this part done as windows had to be inserted, sills, frames, inside and out. All my construction has resulted in temporary takeover of an additional bedroom for a "completed parts table"...
This shot is of the completed primary tower sections. The added arches at right are for main entry and dining room entry.
Wall sections that have been papered. From lower left and going clockwise they are; Living Room where 1 of 2 fireplaces will be located; then the Master Bedroom (home to Prince & Princess, of course); top right is the children's bedroom, and lower right the kitchen wall.
Furniture, both completed and under construction. This is parts of three rooms with three more to complete after these. The gold brocade cloth is for dining chair seats, and possibly table cloth, plus seat and back for desk chair (larger chair in back).
Michael's Craft store is home to many of my purchases for wallpaper, cloth, etc. The wallpaper is actually from their scrapbooking area...the cloth they sell in 21 inch squares and they have hundreds of them.

Now busy using cast-off wood pieces to perfect my glue technique before I raise the walls. I'll do a lot of pics as I place walls so one can get the sense of the sequence involved....and it is involved. Once the primary walls are up and glued at the bottom, then the staircase and 2nd floor have to go in at the same time as they are interconnected. A challenge in which Duchess will be quite involved.

6 weeks til Christmas....



  1. Duke, I’m so excited to come upon your blog. My husband and I are planning to build a dollhouse! Our conundrum: do we start small or go with gusto and build the doll-dream-house that I really want? We're quite crafty and handy but I'm not sure how far we can rely on beginners luck. Any suggestions?

    And one question: you mentioned using a glue gun and while I'm a glue-gun loving girl (they are great for lots of crafts), my first thought was that you can't paint over the plastic glue. Is that going to be a problem? (Bare in mind I haven't tried building a dollhouse before, I haven't even read the directions and I'm still doing research!)

    Also, I'm selling off a few odd dollhouse pieces on ebay if you or your readers are interested in some inexpensive odds and ends pieces. My screen name is gailzie2001

  2. I'll try to answer from my perspective....might not be right for you, however. I did build two dollhouses about 25 years ago. I built a 4 room and a 6 room. Unfortunately my ex sold them so my daughters did not get to keep them.

    I find no problem with starting big. If you are craft-oriented, you will know a lot.

    As for the glue gun. I pre-painted my walls, etc. My floors are being covered with vinyl except for the attic. (Check my latest post)... I also am wallpapering some walls for added color. The wallpaper is in keeping with my Princess/Castle theme for my granddaughter. Got wallpaper & glue at Michael's craft store...paper is actually from the scrapbooking area. I bought the 6 pack of rooms of furniture from Greenleaf...which also originally produced my house.

    Go for it, and best of luck. let me know how you do.