Wednesday, November 18, 2009

We Are Movin-Movin!....3rd Floor (Attic) In; Much More!

Movement quickly now as the job seems to be going smoother....or perhaps I am just getting more knowledge about what I am doing! This post is again sort of in reverse for purposes of allowing my viewers to see how things come together. This is the current dollhouse (not really as I have added the last wall (kitchen wall) today already and am flooring again.
This is a picture of the front corner of the house. When adding floors, one begins at this corner...working the walls and floors together until it all fits. The process can take quite some time. This shows both the glue in the corners, and the small "Princess" picture I placed in two-sided form in the upper oval window. It is actually last Christmas' picture of my Princess in her red velvet age 5. I am, as I have mentioned, trying to personalize this house to her.
When placing the floor I have learned that just setting the piece in place, not really attached, and then allowing it to "settle" by not doing more for an hour or two seems to work wonders. If it sits there the parts seem somehow to then fit better when I actually begin the glue process.
MESS....Yes, even at this point in construction the mess on the day bed in our small bedroom is considerable. Remember, I am now working in two spare bedrooms. The small one for actual construction and the corner bedroom (as we call it) for assembled parts and furniture.
The project has literally taken on a life of its own. My life will pretty much be the dollhouse until mid-December when it will hopefully be completed.

While having the walls in place may seem a lot, let me list some of the jobs remaining....

Flooring on the rest of the 2nd and all of the 3rd floors.
The three-story tower section must be assembled and sealed.
The kitchen bay, just two stories, must be assembled and sealed.
Then the porch and its railings and trim, the roof and its trim, and a few hundred wood shingles to be manually installed one-at-a-time!

In addition, there is paint touch up where construction marred my original paint, or where slots in the walls now contain unpainted, or not-finished tabs which must be smoothed and painted to match.

Lots to do, but I now feel I have a pretty good chance of getting it done.

I may have to take the following month off, however!


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