Sunday, October 4, 2009

5. There are different "Levels" of dollhouse building!

I have found an entire community of builders online. Some make this a complete obsession. The following pictures are from one of these. This is the dollhouse I am building, but with probably at least a couple of thousand dollars invested in external trim, trees, gazebo, lights for the porch and inside, etc.
Needless to say, this is not a dollhouse for someone's grandchild. It is a serious collector's house.
Mine will be quite simple compared to this one and sans lights, external plants/shrubs etc.

Mine is to be a dollhouse to be played with by a young girl.

I did find these pics astounding. I cannot imagine the hours involved...however, having checked prices online for lights, wallpaper, and the fancy furniture inside one of these I can imagine the deep pockets needed to complete it.



  1. Hi Duke,

    It's fascinating to follow your progress. Love it! Makes me want to start building my house right now!

  2. Does anyone know of a dollhouse builder in Illlinois that would like to tackle my project? My dollhouse is 30 years old and slightly damaged. I would love someone to "rehab" it for my 5 year old daughter - I'm just not as handy as my mother was 30 years ago!