Sunday, October 4, 2009

3. Stairway To Heaven? - Nope, just to the 2nd floor!

Believe it or not I spent a week on this stairway (NO, not working full time, but probably spending a couple to three hours daily in short bursts...each added piece has to dry prior to moving on)...Here it is pictured still without paint or banisters. There were more than 50 parts to the stairway. Most simple dollhouses have traditional stairs in a stair well. This one is a standalone, and will be located just inside the main front entrance. Note: the yellow you see is glue which has not entirely dried. It does not show when finished.

The fit of the pieces here was pretty good...however, the labeling on the schematics was less than adequate. I had to modify some parts.

That brings up the topic of tools. I happened to have most of what I needed, but still have one to buy. I am using frequently a Black and Decker "Mouse" sander on large wall sections which range from quite smooth to quite rough. I have a sharp model knife, an entire selection of paint brushes for various sized pieces, and both wood glue and instant glue (for those hard to hold together pieces) This stuff sets in 10 seconds, so you had better KNOW where the pieces fit together! I will be buying a glue gun far not needed, but aligning walls and panels will involve some hot glue application. One final tool that Dremel high-speed tool with a variety of disks, tubes, etc. for sanding, cutting, smoothing and so forth. I used this to replace one piece that was missing. Cut the piece from a section of left-over stock from a parts sheet.


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