Saturday, October 3, 2009

1. Why Would I tackle This?

The "Stock" Pierce Dollhouse!

Why, Indeed....

Well, for one, I had wanted to build another dollhouse for YEARS!

I built two smaller ones (4 & 6 rooms) more than 25 years ago. I enjoyed it then, but until now the time to do so was not available.

Then there is the "who to build it for" stuff....That may prove more complicated than I at first thought.

I have a 6 year old blonde, blue-eyed little grandchild in Texas who is known as "Princess", and who has been telling her Mom she wants a castle.

I decided to plunge in and make a dollhouse for her for Christmas.


9 rooms, plus 6 rooms of furniture in kit form. Gooollllleeee!

Much more than I thought.

The pic above is the usual format for the "Pierce" made by Greenleaf, one of the premier makers of dollhouse kits.

I am "Castle-a-sizing" the thing to match Princess' love of pink, purple, silver, gold, etc.

We will see how that works out....and, I now intend to blog the building as I go.

Keep reading folks.

It may be interesting!


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  1. Hi Duke,

    I am very interested in follwing your progress. I'm planning to build the same dollhouse.