Tuesday, October 6, 2009

6. My Construction Site - "El Messo de Mucho!"

Little ovals...all in a row. These are the 6 exterior frames for the oval windows in the dollhouse. While photoflash light is not kind to colors I believe you get the theme....silver frames, gold crown piece. Bth paints are metallic.

There used to be a fellow here in Tampa who hawked tires on TV. His commercials always began..."Tires ain't purtty!" Well, neither is my "construction zone." The table contains some of the important tools, etc...Dremel, knife, instant glue, small trim paints, some misc. parts.
My work top (a 2nd table) is actually the paper-covered foundation of the house. Here doorway arches, tower parts, etc are in-process. Each piece gets 2-3 coats per side plus a finish coat for the frames of openings.
Day bed is home to parts sheets not yet separated, plus more in-process sections of the exterior of the building.
The construction table again; showing stacks of wall sections below. Believe it or not, there is order here. Left sheets are complete; right pile has wall paint, and awaits frames and openings paint.
The process is quite tedious at this point. Paint a coat....wait...paint a coat. Somewhere in there my "Mouse" sander is brought into play as one side of each wall has a roughness that sands out well after 1st paint coat.

Working feverishly now toward the goal of "walls up"...which will necessarily include 2nd floor...by October 17th when we depart for our 19th annual October at Madeira Beach for two weeks. I cannot take house along, but the remaining five furniture kits will be there with me. Hopefully I can finish 1-3 of them while relaxing and enjoying the finest time on Florida's beaches....last half of October.

Back to it folks....


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