Saturday, October 10, 2009

8. Windows & Trim

Approaching my self-established deadline for having the walls on the house up by time for our beach vacation (one week from today!). The remaining work has to do with installing windows and trim, plus some wallpapering. These tasks need to be done prior to wall installation as the job becomes much more difficult once they are up. This picture is of the many pieces making up only the 6 windows of the three story tower section.
Once painted, and glued in place the exterior frames and sills look like this. I am continuing the castle motif using silver for the exterior frames, and gold for the crown pieces. These pieces are three of the five sides of the main tower. There is a secondary kitchen bay which is only two stories, and smaller than the main tower.
Now the interior pieces (done in white), the actual plastic windows and the tower walls are complete and ready for installation. That still leaves a number of windows and doors to be framed in the main wall sections.

It all takes time. Lots of time.


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